Red Lead Shaving Soap

Red Lead Shaving Soap

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What does it smell like?

A manly classic mix of nutmeg, lemon, star anise with middle notes of geranium, cinnamon, musk and tonka bean. Quite simply this is our interpretation of Old Spice, and we think it's pretty damn close.

What's In It?

Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Tallow, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable Glycerine, Lanolin and Fragrance.

How much do I get?

Each tub contains a minimum of 125g, but because I'm heavy handed you may find a little more.

The name behind the soap.

It was thought to be bad luck for the ship’s cat to leave the ship, and there is an Australian story of a straying cat whose ship went down. This is the story of Red Lead, the black kitten mascot of HMAS Perth

In January 1942, HMAS Perth, with a crew of over 600 men, was tasked with preventing the Japanese advance across south-east Asia. En route they stopped at Fremantle, where, it is thought, little Red Lead joined the ship. The cats favourite spot was curled up in the cabin of Hec Waller, the ship’s captain.

On 27 February, HMAS Perth joined a fleet of British, Dutch and American ships to stop a Japanese naval convoy from landing on the island of Java. The allied fleet was outnumbered; its ships were picked off by Japanese planes and the heat of battle sent Red Lead to hide in his favorite place till Perth withdrew, and returned to safe harbour. It is reported that while at harbour, Red Lead tried to leave the ship, no less than three times. But in each instance spotted “deserting” , was intercepted, and returned to his post. The ship’s log for the day read :

"Red Lead, ship's kitten, endeavoured to desert, but was brought back on board, despite vigorous protests."

Several of Perth’s crew observed this and were dismayed, seeing Red Lead’s escape attempts as a bad omen for their future.

Very sadly, Red Lead’s instinct was proven. The next day, HMAS Perth and USS Houston sailed for the south coast of Java and met a large fleet of Japanese ships. After a desperate battle, the Perth was sunk. Over 350 men, including Captain Waller, and one little black kitten, were lost.

Red Lead was named after the pawprints she trekked through the ship after walking through red paint which annoyed the WWII sailors no end.

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